Dublin Choral Foundation

Established in 1996 to promote the development of choirs of excellence and to provide a musical education for children hitherto only available in the cathedral choral tradition,

Dublin Choral Foundation is now recognised as one of Ireland’s leading choral establishments. The three choirs of Dublin Choral Foundation, Lassus Chamber Choir, The Lassus Scholars and Piccolo Lasso, directed by Ite O’Donovan, cater for singers of all ages. They are named after the great composer and virtuoso of Renaissance polyphony, Orlande de Lassus (1532-1594).

DCF: A Provider of Musical Education from early childhood to adulthood

Piccolo Lasso

Piccolo Lasso caters for boys and girls aged eight to fifteen. Bright young singers receive a musical education hitherto only available in the cathedral choral tradition. In addition, as members of the choir, children learn important skills for life.  Younger singers aged 5-8 join Piccolo Lasso Initial Class.

Choristers of today become the accomplished, confident, caring and creative citizens of tomorrow.

DCF:Providing Professional Development: Preserving a Musical Heritage

The Lassus Scholars 

The Lassus Scholars, a chamber choir in the university tradition, seek to achieve excellence in expression and interpretation in all musical styles from the 16th century to the present day.

DCF: Promoting the Highest Standards


Lassus Chamber Choir is a fully professional, project based freelance choir. Performances have taken place recently in the Portico of Ards (Feb 22nd 2020), the National Concert Hall (17th Dec 2019), St Mary’s Church, Haddington Rd Dublin (Nov 2019).

Dublin Choral Foundation’s Flagship fully-professional chamber choir.

The Orlando Chamber Orchestra

Dublin Choral Foundation’s fully professional chamber orchestra which accompanies the choirs at major concerts at the National Concert Hall.

Dr Ite O’Donovan

Artistic Director of Dublin Choral Foundation