The Lassus Scholars sang many of the greatest masterworks of sacred polyphony composed for and long associated with the most moving liturgical services of Holy Week – A Musical Heritage of Inestimable Value, a Tradition to be Fostered and Protected … 

“In the earthly liturgy we take part in a foretaste of that heavenly liturgy which is celebrated in the Holy City of Jerusalem toward which we journey as pilgrims, where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God, a minister of the holies and of the true tabernacle; we sing a hymn of glory to the Lord’s glory with all the warriors of the heavenly army; venerating the memory of the saints, we hope for some part and fellowship with them; we eagerly await the Saviour, Our Lord Jesus Christ, until He, our life, shall appear and we too will appear with Him in glory.”[1]

[1] The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Vatican II, Sacrosanctum Concilium 4 Dec 1963.

Here are some videos of these performances:

Palm Sunday Entrance Procession 2019:

Holy Thursday: Palestrina’s Missa Papae Marcelli:

Good Friday: Allegri’s Miserere at the Stations of the Cross: