The ‘Friends’ of Dublin Choral Foundation Scheme has been a significant contributory factor to the ongoing educational and artistic work of the Company. ‘Friends’ make annual donations by cheque or Standing Order. Without our ‘Friends’ and donors we would not have survived the recession!


Join the Friends of Dublin Choral Foundation and donate annually:

Piccolo Friend  – €120 per annum   [Concessions € 60]

Lassus Friend  – €180 per annum

Orlando Friend – €250 per annum – eligible donations additional €112  from the Revenue Commissioners.

Choir patron – €600 per annum – eligible donations additional €269 from the Revenue Commissioners.

Scholarship Patron – €1200 per annum

For more information contact
[email protected]

Tax rebate to the charity from the Revenue Commissioners:

DONATIONS of €250 or more are recognised as ‘eligible’ donations:

For example a donation of €250 to Dublin Choral Foundation allows the Company to claim back an additional €112  from the Revenue Commissioners at no extra cost to a tax-payer. 

Chy3 Form [Enduring Certificate] may be viewed and downloaded by clicking:

chy3cert-charity (3)

Chy4 Form [Annual Certificate] may be viewed and downloaded by clicking:

chy4cert-charity (3)

In order that Dublin Choral Foundation avail of the tax rebate please post the signed/completed form to:

Dublin Choral Foundation, 107 New Ireland Road, Rialto, Dublin 8