A Musical Education for the  21st Century

    • Ambitious for a career as a professional choral singer?
    • Hoping to improve your sight-singing skills?
    • Interested in singing a varied musical programme with excellent fellow-choristers?
    • Looking forward to opportunities for travel?

Perhaps The Lassus Scholars is the choir for you!

  • Can you sing masterworks like Palestrina’s famous Missa Papae Marcelli at sight?   (in a choral setting)
  • Would you find rehearsals in which almost all the music in front of you is new – and you are singing two or three  to a part – a daunting experience or an exhilarating challenge?

You will enhance your personal musicianship skills as a member of The Lassus Scholars.

Established in the style of the traditional university and cathedral chamber choir in 1996 by Dublin Choral Foundation to provide a musical training in a new more secular society for young emerging singers, The Lassus Scholars provides a challenging musical environment in which the skills of potential professional singers of the future are nourished and fine-tuned.

To be a member of a fully-professional chamber choir in the 21st century a good voice without excellent musicianship skills is simply not enough. Are you interested in giving yourself the opportunity to advance your personal skills?

SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships are offered to 16 members who attend twice-weekly rehearsals and perform on average two Sundays per month.

TRAVEL: In recent years the Lassus Scholars has performed in London (Westminster Cathedral – many occasions), Florence (2012), Paris (2014), Rome (2007, 2010 and most recently 2015).

Potential candidates are invited to attend rehearsals in advance of auditioning.
Rehearsals take place in the hall attached to St Kevin’s Church, Harrington Street, SCR Tuesdays & Thursdays 6.45 – 7.45 p.m.
Contact us for further details or send us a message via our Facebook page.



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