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From corporate sponsorship to individual giving, Friends scheme, memorial giving & bequests, there is something to suit all those interested in helping Dublin Choral Foundation to achieve its mission to ENHANCE the life of young singers and their families and to prepare young people for the responsibilities of life by developing choirs of excellence and by providing a high level of musical education hitherto only available in the cathedral choral tradition.

  1. By becoming a Regular Donor and joining the ‘Friends’ of Dublin Choral Foundation Scheme.
  2. By making a once-off donation to the company.
  3. By making a “Special Occasion” Donation.
  4. By making an “In Memory” Donation.
  5. By organising/undertaking a fund-raising event for Dublin Choral Foundation.
  6. By remembering Dublin Choral Foundation in your Will.
  7. By Sponsoring one of the choirs, a specific concert, tour or activity.

Dublin Choral Foundation CLG

By taking the amazing, high quality music education based on the Song-school tradition out of its original cathedral environs and making it available to young people in the more secular world of the 21st century Dublin Choral Foundation separated iteself from the financial support structures which maintained cathedral choral establishments for centuries. (i.e. cathedral, parish and diocese).

Dublin Choral Foundation CLG is therefore highly dependent on charitable donations, in particular the Friends Scheme, for its very existence.

Secure donations – via Paypal – may be made by clicking the DONATE button.

Bright young singers of today become the accomplished, caring, creative citizens of tomorrow.