Company Information.

Dublin Choral Foundation, established in 1996, is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status, approved by the Revenue Commissioners as an ‘eligible charity’ for charitable donations.

The main object for which the Company is established is

  • (a)(i) To promote the development of choirs of excellence and to provide on a non-denominational basis a musical education for children hitherto only available in the cathedral choral tradition.
  • (a)(ii) To promote among the Irish public an increased awareness of good choirs and an increased appreciation of the Arts and to improve standards of taste in matters of art among the Irish public.

The company’s principal objectives are achieved by displaying leadership in the area of music education – adapting an educational system hitherto only available in the cathedral tradition to the modern secular world.

Dublin Choral Foundation provides quality music education from childhood to adulthood [Piccolo Lasso], continuing professional training [Lassus Scholars] and seeks to achieve artistic excellence  at all levels, particularly in the flagship professional ensemble, Lassus.

DCF shares this musical culture at a high level with the Irish public through regular performances (most of which are free), some outdoor, thereby raising awareness of its value and, in keeping with the Company’s secondary aim, weeks to promote amongst the public an increased appreciation for the performing Arts.

Charitable Donations.

Dublin Choral Foundation CLG is authorised as an ‘eligible charity’ for the purposes of Section 848A Taxes Consolidation Act 1997.   CHY 12823.
The ‘Friends’ of Dublin Choral Foundation Scheme has been a significant contributory factor to the ongoing educational and artistic work of the Company. Donations of €250 and more qualify for Tax Relief. Since 2013 this tax relief is granted directly to the Charity. A donation of €250 to Dublin Choral Foundation allows the Company to claim back an additional €112  from the Revenue Commissioners at no extra cost to a tax-payer.
For further information see ‘Support DCF

Registration Charity Number 20038410.
CHY 12823.
Registered in Ireland No. 288617.

Code of Governance 2018 signed11102018

Correspondence to: Dublin Choral Foundation, 107 New Ireland Road, Rialto, Dublin 8.