Q. Does my child need to have studied music or have learned a musical instrument in order to join Piccolo Lasso?

A. No. While it is an advantage to also be learning how to play an instrument no previous musical experience is required. Children learn how to follow and read the music notes and rhythms by their participation in the choral activities.

Q. Do young singers need to have their voices trained before joining?

A. No. Children learn how to use and project their voices as choir members. Individual vocal training is best delayed until aged 13 or more.

Q. My daughter is 12. Is she too old to join?

A. No. While ideally the younger the child is the better, older children who really want to sing can make great progress in Piccolo Lasso.

Q. What are the great advantages of Piccolo Lasso?

A. As a member of Piccolo Lasso your son/daughter will receive a musical education which for centuries was available only in the cathedral choral tradition. The regular schedule of twice weekly rehearsals ensures a continuity in musical experience and provides opportunities for your child to progress quickly and fluently in musical skills. Regular performances, without the commitment of every weekend, provide opportunities for your son/daughter to gain confidence and to experience many musical styles.

Q. What does this training cost?

A. Membership fees for twice-weekly classes are €130 per term for one singer. €215 for 2 family members.  €270 for 3 or more family members. Initial Class €75 per term for one singer. €140 for 2 or more family members.  (3 terms – September-December, January-March, April-June)

Q. Are there extra costs for robes and music?

A. No. Choir Robes and music are available on loan to all singers. Families are asked to provide the simple and inexpensive  choir concert uniform  consisting of choir sweatshirt with logo (new from choir €10);  Boys wear black polo-neck and  black trousers; girls wear long black skirt and choir burgundy top (girl’s top available on loan from choir).