The Lassus Scholars

A Music Education for the 21st Century.

The Lassus Scholars provides a challenging musical environment in which the musicianship skills of potential professional singers of the future are nourished and fine-tuned. The schedule of twice weekly rehearsals and bi-monthly performances provides the perfect opportunities to young singers to experience and benefit from the wonderful musical education traditionally associated with university or cathedral chamber choirs.

For more information regarding available scholarships and timetable download our Brochure.

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Piccolo Lasso 

A Music Education for talented children in the 21st Century

Piccolo Lasso seeks to provide for young singers aged 8 to 15 years a musical education in the song-school tradition hitherto only available in the great cathedrals. Twice-weekly rehearsals provide the required continuity to achieve this aim.

Performances take place on four or five occasions each term [3 terms] with extra performances at Christmas.

Interested parents will find more details on the website under

ABOUT the Choirs – Piccolo Lasso — FAC, The Benefits of singing for children, Piccolo Lasso Initial Class

and on our brochure

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