Dublin Choral Foundation is a Company limited by guarantee with charitable status,  approved by the Revenue Commissioners as an ‘eligible charity’ for charitable donations. CHY 12823.

Donate to Dublin Choral Foundation 

  1. Make a once-off donation to the company.
  2. Make a “Special Occasion” Donation
  3. Make an “In Memory” Donation
  4. Remember Dublin Choral Foundation in your Will.
  5. Join the Friends of Dublin Choral Foundation.

Make a donation on this website:

Click on DONATE button on the sidebar.

This will enable you to make a donation by PayPal or Credit Card.

All donations will be acknowledged and receipted.

For more information contact
[email protected]

Tax rebate to the charity from the Revenue Commissioners:

Eligible donations of €250 and more qualify for Tax Relief.

Since 2013 this tax relief is granted directly to the Charity.

A donation of €250 to Dublin Choral Foundation allows the Company to claim back an additional €112  from the Revenue Commissioners at no extra cost to a tax-payer.

Chy3 & Chy4 Forms

Chy3 Form [Enduring Certificate] may be viewed and downloaded by clicking:

chy3cert-charity (3)

Chy4 Form [Annual Certificate] may be viewed and downloaded by clicking:

chy4cert-charity (3)

In order that Dublin Choral Foundation avail of the tax rebate please post the signed/completed form to:

Dublin Choral Foundation, 107 New Ireland Road, Rialto, Dublin 8